Harry Potter Mouse

Little Harry Potter Mouse is a wizard! He is all ready to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn all about magic and potions. Harry is known as "The Mouse Who Lived". Little Harry Mouse comes with

Ray the Star Mouse

Ray wants to be the star of the show and has put on a little star shaped costume! He would make an adorable addition to your Christmas decorations. He is the perfect Christmas gift! This ornament was hand sewn using

Interview with a Mouse: Grace the Nurse Mouse

Known as “Amazing Grace” to her friends, Grace the Nurse Mouse has lived at The House of Mouse since it was built, being one of the first mice that I ever made. She is a much loved and valued member

Mouse ornament with sign – choose your own custom message

Say it with a Mouse! Little Parker has a very special message for someone, he would love to deliver it for you! What cuter way could there be to say Thank you, I love you, Happy Birthday, I'm sorry, or

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson Mouse Ornaments

Little Sherlock Holmes Mouse is the world’s only “consulting detective mouse”. He sees his work of deduction and crime detection as an art, and he lives for the thrill of problem solving. He is as brilliant as he is aloof,

Jon Pertwee Doctor Who Mouse

Jon Pertwee is the third regeneration of The Doctor! Jon Pertwee's Doctor is a suave, dapper, technologically-oriented and authoritative mouse of action. He practises Venusian Aikido and enjoys working on gadgets and riding all manner of vehicles! Including the Whomobile