Sonic the Computer Nerd Hedgie

When this little hedgehog's parents called him Sonic, he thought it was a horrible cruel joke. Nowadays though he's invited to all the prestigious gaming events around the world and has become one with his geeky alter-ego. This ornament was

Interview with a Mouse: Theodore the Graduate Mouse

For this month’s interview with a mouse I am chatting with Theodore the Graduate Mouse who just graduated from the University of Rodentia with a BA in Mouseology. Good afternoon Theodore, It’s great to see you. Thanks so much for

Artist Mouse Ornament

Alfonso Mouse is an artist! He loves to splatter his canvas with paint. Sometimes he get so excited he forgets to use a brush and uses his tail and whiskers instead! He wears a beret and holds his own little

River Song Mouse

Little River Song Mouse is smart, beautiful and does exactly what she pleases. As unpredictable and as brilliant as The Doctor, you never know what to expect from her next! This ornament was hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads

Journalist Mouse

Scribblitzsky the journalist Mouse is hot on the trail of the latest story, he's dressed in a suit and hat with a piece of paper sticking out of the top that says "press". He carries a notebook, smartphone and microphone