Tennis Player Mice

Many believe that Stilton Hewitt is past the peak of his tennis career, but he will never give up! His dream is to win Wimbledon again, and he won't stop fighting until he achieves it. He is as speedy on

Belle Mouse Beauty and the Beast

Bold and stubborn, Belle is the most beautiful mouse in her village. Imprisoned by the Beast, who had fallen deeply in love with her, she is now surrounded by enchanted furniture and locked doors. This beautiful little mouse is a

Interview with a Mouse: Vincent Van Gogh Mouse

This month’s Interview is with little Vincent Van Gogh Mouse. This famous painter mouse is known for his amazingly striking paintings as much as he is known for his bandaged ear which he cut a piece off in a fit

Albert Einstein Mouse

Albert Einstein Mouse is a mousy genius. He is most famous for discovering the formula E = MC2, (The Energy a mouse has is equal to the Mouthfuls of Cheese he can eat, squared) which quickly revolutionized the old thinking

Shaun the Mouse dressed as a nativity Sheep

Shaun the Mouse dressed as a nativity Sheep is very excited to be in the School Nativity play this year. He never takes his sheep costume off and spends most of his days wandering around bleating, (He did try eating

Esmerelda Maggotmincer the witch hedgehog

Esmerelda Maggotmincer the witch hedgehog was once human, but something went wrong with a spell and it turned her into a hedgehog! But don't let her cuteness fool you. With her wild black spines, olive green skin and 2 dark