Sherlock and Watson Mice BBC versions

This pair of mice are based on Sherlock and Watson from the BBC drama Sherlock. Sherlock mouse has curly black hair, and wears his trademark coat with the collar turned up and his grey scarf. Watson Mouse has dark blond

Jack Skellington Mouse

Jack Skellington Mouse (or should that be Skellingmouse?) wants to become king of Christmas, but he can't quite get things right. This little mouse is a tribute to the great Tim Burton Character Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King. This ornament

Interview with a Mouse: Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice

This month’s Interview with a mouse is with Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice. These two little love birds (or should that be love mice?) have just got time to chat with me before they dash off for their

Captain Miles Highmouse the Pilot Mouse

Captain Miles Highmouse the Pilot Mouse has always dreamt of flying above the clouds in his very own plane, now he is one of the most respected of all pilot captains. Looking dapper and ever-so handsome in his pilots uniform

Custom Rory Williams Mouse

This is a custom Rory Williams Mouse (character from BBC's Doctor Who) He was commissioned by one of my lovely customers This ornament is hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads and various other materials. It is stuffed with polyfil