Doctor Who Mouse Collection

Doctor Who Mouse Collection

They are here at last!!

The Complete Doctor Who Mouse Collection!

I had SO much fun making them. Even the existing designs have been improved on as I developed some new techniques.

Lets look at the Doctor’s in order shall we?

William Hartnell Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 1 Hartnell 1

I made him with neatly trimmed fluffy white hair and a hand crafted wibbly wobbly walking stick made from polymer clay.

Doctor 1 Hartnell 4

Doctor 1 Hartnell 2

Patrick Troughton Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 2 Troughton 1

This little Doctor mouse has a mop of black hair, a slightly crooked spotty bow-tie, a pocket handkerchief and blue striped recorder carefully sculpted from polymer clay, hand painted and varnished.

Doctor 2 Troughton 3

Jon Pertwee Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 3 Pertwee 1

Little Pertwee Mouse was so perfect the first time around, I didn’t need to change anything. I still adore his little ruff and big red bow-tie.

Doctor 3 Pertwee 3

Tom Baker Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 4 TBaker 1

Here’s a design I have improved on: Now he has a real knitted scarf to go with his floppy hat, curly hair, jeans and chequered waistcoat. And he wouldn’t be complete without his sonic screwdriver too!

Doctor 4 TBaker 3

Peter Davison Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 5 Davison 1

Little Peter Davison Mouse has his cricket clothes on, sonic screwdriver and celery stalk of course!

Doctor 5 Davison 3

Colin Baker Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 6 CBaker 1

This design is one that has had me stumped for a while. I couldn’t work out how to make that patchwork outfit look right. After a lot of experimentation I am so pleased with the result!

Doctor 6 CBaker 2

Doctor 6 CBaker 4

Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 7 McCoy 1

Another very detailed design, I searched my local haberdashery shop for a long time to find the perfect ribbons for this little guy. His umbrella is hand sculpted from polymer clay.

Doctor 7 McCoy 2

Doctor 7 McCoy 4

Paul McGann Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 8 McGann 1

I have always adored this Doctor’s look! It was so fun to recreate it for a mouse. The waistcoat, pocket watch and cravat make me smile every time I look at him!Doctor 8 McGann 3

John Hurt The War Doctor Mouse

Doctor 9 Hurt 1

Oh my goodness I am completely in love with this little mouse. I imagine he has the same gorgeous gravelly voice of the actor himself. His hair and beard are made with fake fur and are brushed with a glue wash to hold their style in place perfectly.

Doctor 9 Hurt 3

Christopher Eccelston Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 10 Eccelston 1

This little mouse is as dark and brooding as his human counterpart. I have updated his design to include a fake leather jacket, which he squeaked “It’s fantastic!” when I showed it to him.

Doctor 10 Eccelston 3

David Tennant Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 11 Tennant 1

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter, I updated this design with fake fur hair! It has been styled with a glue wash so it will hold this characteristic shape! I’ve fallen in love with Mr Tennant Mouse all over again!

Doctor 11 Tennant 3

Matt Smith Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 12 Smith 1

I used the same glue wash technique on Matt Smith Mouse’s hair to style it into his signature floppy shape, and it will stay that way too! I’m so pleased with how it looks! He also has his sonic screwdriver and (very cool) bow-tie.

Doctor 12 Smith 3

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Mouse

Doctor 13 Capaldi 1

Aahh Mr Capaldi Mouse, how fine he looks with his red lined coat and silver hair! I had such fun making him!

Doctor 13 Capaldi  3

But wait, we aren’t done yet!

I have 4 monsters in the Doctor Who Collection too!!

Weeping Angel Mouse

Weeping Angel 1

Don’t Blink!! I’ve updated this mouse to be sewn from a marbled grey felt, and there’s more definition on her wings too. Scary, or cute? Or both?

Weeping Angel 3

The Silence Mouse

Silence 1

I’ve been experimenting with extra layers of felt around mouse eyes, I am quite pleased with the result.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Silence 2

Ood Mouse

Ood 1

This little guy is my personal favourite! I love the eyes, the tentacle mouth, the ears tilted back! Aaah it’s just too cute! His tentacles are painted with a thin glue wash so they won’t move or fray in time.

Ood 3

Dalek Mouse

Dalek 1

No Doctor Who Collection would be complete without a Dalek. This design has been updated to have a perfectly sculpted plunger, eye stalk and blast gun made from polymer clay. I have also given him the classic gold and brown Dalek colours.

Dalek 2

Everything is available in my store The House of Mouse

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The House of Mouse Anna

So, what do you think of the collection?

Are you excited to see all 13 Doctors?

Who else should I add? Some companions perhaps? What other monsters would you like to see as mice?

Next on my list is a Cybermouse, I did make one for this set but I am not totally happy with him. So he’ll be getting an upgrade before I add him to the collection 😉




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