The Mouse Hole – Where it all began

The Mouse Hole – Where it all began

The Mousehole 1979

My Granny was a mouse maker.

After the war she and my Grandfather “Crispy” moved to the beautiful seaside village of Mousehole in Cornwall, England.

They bought a cosy tourist craft shop on the seafront called The Mouse Hole.

They sold local artists ceramics, Crispy’s watercolour and acrylic paintings, tourist gifts and little felt mice that my Granny made.

Granny carefully sewed her little mice by hand during the winter months, when the shop was quiet.

She made them wearing little costumes – a priest, a chef, a gypsy lady and many others.

Granny kept her “mouse money” separate from the rest of the sales in their shop. And on at least one occasion used it to pay for a family vacation.

Winter in Mousehole. My Grandmother's shop in Mousehole where she made the little felt mice that inspired my own creations. #mousehole #cornwall #uk #travel

In Cornwall there is a myth of the Cornish Pixie, Crispy put a large empty glass dome on a corner shelf in their shop.

Next to it was a sign that read “Invisible Cornish Pixie”.

Though it was of course not for sale, they had many offers from tourists who wanted to buy it!

Sadly Granny and Crispy passed away when I was young, so I don’t really remember them.

Although I do have a memory of their shop where from my 4 year old height, the shelves of mice seemed to go up forever.

Granny and Me 1980Granny and baby me!

Granny’s mice found new homes with the rest of her family after she passed away.

They peeked out of little nooks and crannies in my childhood home,

They looked down from mantle pieces and high bookshelves,

They watched over our family from between picture frames.

It is as if Granny’s spirit had been sewn into every stitch of her beautiful mice.

A3Granny’s mice

I have always loved to make gifts for family and friends

For Christmas 2007 I took inspiration from Granny’s mice and decided to make one for everyone:

A Chef mouse for an uncle that likes to cook, a photographer mouse for my dad, an artist mouse for my painter friend.

I didn’t know Granny’s pattern or technique, but thankfully my mother had watched her at work and was able to pass on some of her secrets.

My mice are not exactly like Granny’s, but that was what I wanted, for them to be as much mine as they were hers.

Everyone was so thrilled with their gifts!

Granny’s three children – My dad and his two sisters – all said that I should sell them,

and so I took my first steps to opening The House of Mouse on Etsy.

Inside Granny's shop in Mousehole. You can just see her felt mice on the shelf to the left.

Inside The Mouse Hole

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I am Anna, the artist behind these joyful artisan felt mice. My Granny was a mouse maker, and just like her I am on a mission to let more joy into your life. I want my creations to speak to your soul, light you up and inspire you with pure delight.

Because I believe that the things that make you happy are what make your life so unique.

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