How to edit product photos to make them pop

How to edit product photos to make them pop

Great photos are one of the most important things to get right if you sell online. Your photographs are your virtual shop window: If they are not light, bright and eye-catching then often buyers will surf right past your store without even noticing your work. Really beautiful photographs will bring buyers through your virtual door and keep them there long enough to remember your creations.

These photography tips are designed to help you make your photographs looks bright, eye catching and professional and you don’t need to have an expensive camera to do this!

This tutorial comes in two parts:

  1. How to make a Light Box
  2. How to edit product photos to make them pop

I use both processes for all of my photographs. This blog post is Part 2, click here for Part 1

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Part 2: How to edit product photos to make them pop

So you have your photos from your light box, but they are still a little dark and dreary. This tutorial will show you how to edit your photos to brighten them up and make them really pop!

To do this you will be using the “levels” tool that is found in almost every photo editing software. I will be using Photoshop for this tutorial. If you don’t have any photo editing software then I recommend you try picmonkey which is a free and simple photo editing site (to get to the levels tool on picmonkey: upload a photo, then click “basic edits” and then “exposure” and move the “highlights” slider).

Step 1: Open your photo in Photoshop

Step 2: To open the levels tool in Photoshop, click the “layer” menu then “new adjustment layer” and select “levels”, then click “ok” to open the tool.

Step 3: The levels tool looks like a graph or histogram. By using the dropper feature and sliding the arrows around you can create different effects, including lightening up your photographs.

Step 4: Use the dropper feature to select the lightest color in your photograph. (The dropper does not appear on picmonkey, but it will appear in Photoshop and a few other photo editing programs.)

The dropper is the 3 little icons in the bottom right corner of the levels too. You can use these to select the darkest, lightest and medium tones from your photograph. For my purposes I only want to use the lightest one (on the far right) but feel free to play around with them to see the effects you can get.

Step 5: Select the white dropper and then click it on the lightest part of your photograph. You can keep choosing a new part until you are happy with the result. As you can see, I have selected the brightest area of my background. This will automatically readjust the photograph.

Step 6: Next you can also use the arrows on the slider under your histogram to lighten or darken your photograph further. If you are using picnic then this will be your main way to lighten your photographs. Click the arrow in the middle of your histogram and slide it to the left and right to see the results

Slide it to the left to lighten your photograph


Or slide it to the right to make it darker


I just want to lighten my photograph slightly so that you can pick out the details in the Cellist Mouse’s skirt. When you are happy with your adjustments click “ok”

Step 7: If you are using Photoshop, you will need to “flatten” your image before you can save your document as a .jpg . To do this select the “layer” menu and click “flatten image” you are now free to save your file. Feel free to crop your image if you want to before you save.

Here is what my photograph looks like before and after using Photoshop to brighten it up…



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  1. Emma Brassfield February 18, 2015 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    This is fantastic – thanks so much for writing this. I often struggle to get it looking so bright! Looking forward to using your techniques, Studio 7t7 x

  2. Raji August 22, 2017 at 6:14 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing us the lighting techniques. Its really a nice post which will help the beginners..

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