Interview with a Mouse: Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse

Little Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse has chosen to go trick-or-treating dressed as a pumpkin this Halloween! All of his friends have stocked up on silly string and smelly cheese just in case anyone in their neighbourhood chooses the “trick” option, but so far everyone has given them lots of delicious candy. Gourdon likes to stuff the candy inside his plump pumpkin costume (you can carry so much more that way!) and tip it all out at the end of the day to feast on the Halloween treats.

Hello Gourdon! We are so excited to be chatting with you today.
“Thanks very much. Would you like some candy? I have so many in here…” Gourdon reaches inside his costume and after some rummaging he pulls out a large lollypop with a bit of fluff on it, it looks like he has had it in there since last Halloween.

Oh… er… Thank you Gourdon. We’ll save this for later if that’s ok. So… *I quickly look down at my questions* Are you looking forward to Halloween this year?
“Oh yes! It’s my favorite holiday of course! I can collect enough candy to keep me going through the whole year.  Of course there is less room in my costume this year, for some reason my belly is filling more of the pumpkin than it used to, but that doesn’t matter – the costume covers it nicely!”

Do you wear your costume all year round?
“Most of the time yes! I love my pumpkin costume. It’s so cute and fun and I get a lot of admiring looks when I wear it. But I do have to take it off when I go shopping, because otherwise I have a tendency to get stuck in doorways and cause jams in supermarkets. Once, an old lady picked me up and put me in her shopping cart, I think she wanted to make a pumpkin pie out of me! I was lucky to escape with my life!”

Many of your brothers have found new homes since you came to The House of Mouse last year. What do you think about them living all over the world?
“I think it’s brilliant! To imagine so many of my brothers and sisters from the House are sitting on shelves and peeking out of cupboards or keeping their humans company at their computers, it’s a lovely feeling! I look forward to my turn. I hope whoever adopts me likes candy, I still have lots more in here. Would you like a few more?” Gourdon starts rummaging again but we quickly stop him before he can offer us anymore year-old candy.

That’s ok thanks Gourdon, I am trying to watch my waistline.
“Oh ok… more for me then!” Gourdon stuffs a large, slightly fuzzy toffee in his mouth and chews happily.


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