Interview with a Mouse: Buddy the Gardener Mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Buddy the Gardener Mouse

This month’s interview with a mouse is with Buddy the Gardener Mouse. I find him in sitting on an old wooden garden chair admiring his beautiful garden.

Hi Buddy! Thank you so much for talking to us today.
“Tha’s alrigh’ my dear. I like an excuse to put me paws up for a few momen’s. I’m always busy in the garden, no’ tha’ I mind tho’.”

Your garden is looking beautiful! So many colourful plants, and do I see a vegetable patch out the back there?
“Tha’s righ’, me pride and joy tha’ is. I already ‘ad a good crop a raddishes last month, and I ate the firs’ of the strawberries on me cereal this mornin’. I do love to ‘ave a lil snack while I’m workin’!”

Have you always had green fingers?
“Oh yea’! When I were a lit’ul’un me ma would put me ou’side to play an I loved it! I’d come ba’ in the evenin’ all covered in mud. Ma would roll ‘er eyes at me then go fetch the hose and wash me down ‘for she’ let me in the house! Bbbrrrrrr! It weren’ ‘alf cold! Bu’ it were worth it!”

Thanks for talking to us today Buddy. We wish you lots of luck with your garden this year!


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