Interview with a Mouse: Flower the Hippy Mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Flower the Hippy Mouse

This months Interview with a Mouse is with our very own Flower the Hippy Mouse. Little Flower the hippy Mouse believes in peace and harmony and flower power! She loves to spend time outdoors listening to music, meditating and enjoying nature.

Welcome Flower! Thank you for speaking to me today.
“You’re so sweet to have asked me. There are so many groovy mice here for you to chat with. Thank you! Here, I made this for you.” flower hands me a daisy chain that she made in the garden

Oh how lovely! I haven’t had one of these since I was a little girl! *I carefully put the daisy-chain around my neck and look down at my questions*

You were one of the first characters to come to The House of Mouse, you have seen a lot of different faces join the family since then. Do you enjoy meeting all the new mice?
“Yes! I love getting to know mice from all walks of life. I get to hear about so many wonderful places and learn about other cultures and ways of living. I would love to see those places with my own eyes but I don’t want to do damage to the environment, so I travel in the stories I hear instead. When you think about how different all the mice are here, it is wonderful how we can all live together in peace and harmony. It’s so groovy. I wish the rest of the world could be like that.”

All the mice are friendly all of the time? Aren’t there any fights?
Flower giggles “The warrior mice like to have their little battles, but they keep it amongst themselves and they enjoy it. It’s all groovy really! I prefer to spend my time outside.”

I was just about to ask you what you enjoy doing with your day.
“Whatever I feel like doing in the moment. I take each moment as it comes. My favourite things to do include walking in the garden picking flowers with Buddy the Gardener Mouse, dancing in the evening light with Maria the Ballerina Mouse and listening to Jimmy play his guitar around the fire at night. I have such a blessed life! I am so lucky!”


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