Interview with a Mouse: Naomi and Vincent the Mom and Baby mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Naomi and Vincent the Mom and Baby mouse

This month’s Interview is with a little mom and baby mouse. Naomi and Vincent mice were named after my sister in law and her baby boy around the time he was born.

Welcome little Naomi and tiny Vincent! It is lovely to chat to you today.
“Oh hello my sweet! I’m very happy to be here.” Naomi gently rocks a sleeping Vincent as she makes herself comfortable in a chair.

You two have been at The House of Mouse since the very beginning, being one of the first designs I ever made. What do you think looking back on the last 5 years?
“Oh, well, it hardly seems like 5 years. The time flies so fast when you have a little baby to look after. We have all kinds of new friends now for little Vincent to play with. Some of them are less savoury than others of course! I try to keep him away from the warrior mice, he has too much interest in their shiny weapons! Grace and Mrs Whiskers love to spend time babysitting him. He watches them with his big eyes and his little nose twitching, I am sure he is learning so much! He even tries to say a few words now.”

Ooh how cute! What words does he say?
“His favourite word is “shees” (cheese) of course, and he can also say “more”, “mama” and “tat” (cat). Oh, and yesterday he learned how to say “bum” he was shouting “BUM!” all around the house making everyone laugh, he does make me smile.”

How do you feel about sharing your name with my sister-in-law?
“Oh I was honoured when you named us after Naomi and her little boy! Before that hardly any of the mice had names. We love the names you gave us! Though it did take Sonic the Computer Geek Hedgehog a little while to get used to his! hehehe.”
Little Vincent wakes up as his mommy’s laughter shakes him, his huge eyes look up at her and immediately he starts asking for “shees?”

“Oh well, I had better be off. If I don’t get something for him to eat quickly then he’ll be squeaking the place down! Thank you for a lovely chat!”
Naomi wonders off in the direction of the kitchen as we hear Vincent squeaking “Shees!” louder and louder.


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