Interview with a Mouse: Mort the Mouse of Death

Interview with a Mouse: Mort the Mouse of Death

This month’s Interview with a Mouse is with the much feared Mort, the Mouse of Death. Mort glides into the room looking positively spooky, his hollow black eyes look deep into my soul and I feel a cold shiver down my spine… I am beginning to wonder if inviting him for an interview was such a good idea.

“Thanks for the invite Anna, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is for me to get a mug of tea and a bit of chit-chat around here. Everyone runs away screaming the moment they see me. A couple of sugars in my tea would be grand, thanks.”
Mort carefully places his scythe in a corner and then plops himself in a comfy chair, throws back his hood and props his bony feet up on a cushion. “Ahhhh that’s the ticket! It’s a treat to sit down and rest my bones for a moment.”

You’re welcome Mort. I must say, you’re not quite what I expected.
“Ah well, that’s the thing isn’t it. If you’re the Mouse of Death no one expects you to be a normal bloke underneath this hood. Misunderstood I am!”

Shall we talk a bit about your work? Do you enjoy escorting people to the other side?
“I have my good days and my bad days just like everyone else I ‘spose. But someone has to do this job, so it might as well be me. I figure a few interpersonal skills can’t hurt in my line of work! Although some people I have escorted have complained that I talk too much. Ha! You can’t please everyone, that’s for sure!”

Mort absent-mindedly reaches over to his scythe and starts spit-polishing it

Can you tell us anything about what lies beyond this life?
“Ah now, that’s top secret that is. All I can say is you’ll be surprised when it’s your turn.”

My turn! *gulp* I hope that’s not any time soon.
“I’ve no idea my dear. I just get the call and off I go, kind of like a London taxi cab, a mousy London taxi cab of Death, I spose! In fact I’m getting a buzz on my beeper now. Oh well, no rest for the wicked! Thanks for the tea and the chat. I hope I won’t be seeing you again for a long time.”


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