Interview with a Mouse: Grace the Nurse Mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Grace the Nurse Mouse

Known as “Amazing Grace” to her friends, Grace the Nurse Mouse has lived at The House of Mouse since it was built, being one of the first mice that I ever made. She is a much loved and valued member of the family.
Hello Grace! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today.
“Oh my dear you are most welcome. It is nice to put my feet up for a moment, I get so busy this time of year with all the flu and colds going around. Those poor little mice do get so sick and they need someone to give them hot cups of cocoa and lots of sympathy.”
It’s so sweet of you to look after everyone Grace. Do you love what you do?
“Oh yes, I was born to be a nurse! I remember even when I was a young mouse I was always playing “doctors and nurses” with my brothers and sisters. My parents even bought me my own stethoscope, although that was after I had tried to make my own from the kitchen plug and the telephone cable.” Grace looks a little guilty remembering this.
Looking after a whole house full of mice must be difficult at times, do you get any help from the others?
“Well, the only other medically qualified mouse we have at The House of Mouse right now is Doctor Severin the Surgeon Mouse, but he does tend to want to operate for the most minor problems. Only last week he was hopping up and down with glee because Värmod Catcrusher the Viking Mouse and Musculus Maximouse the Gladiator Mouse were fighting. I swear I heard him muttering “finally I’ll get the chance to try an amputation”. Luckily it turns out that Värmod and Musculus were just practising their warrior moves and no one was hurt, although sometimes the sparring can get a a little out of hand.”
With the new additions of Värmod Catcrusher and Sir Eeksalot this month, I suppose we have unwittingly increased your workload.  Sorry about that.
“Oh my dear it’s no problem. I rather like having these strong warrior type mice around…” Grace pauses a moment to gaze over at Musculus Maximouse, then realizes we are watching and blushes very pink in the face.
“Anyway… erm…. I’m sorry, what was the question again?” Grace blushes even more brightly.
Ehem… oh nothing Grace. I see the Mother and Baby mice have come over to see you. It looks like they are both sick, poor little things. We will let you get back to work.
Grace looks very relieved to have an excuse to go. “Thanks so much my darlings. It was lovely to chat! Take care of yourselves and make sure you take lots of extra vitamin C if you start feeling poorly.”
Grace scampers off towards Naomi and Vincent “Oh you poor dears…”


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