Interview with a Mouse: Ross the Valentine Mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Ross the Valentine Mouse

As it is February, I thought I would set a date with Eros the Valentine Mouse (Ross to his friends). Ross is a romantic mouse in his best suit, with red bowtie and tiny gold cufflinks.

Welcome Ross! It is a pleasure to meet you.
Ross greets me with a dashing smile, a kiss on the hand and presents me with a huge bunch of roses “Oh beautiful lady, the pleasure is all mine. How could I say no to a date with you?”

Hehehe *giggles* Ahem… I wanted to ask you, what are your tips for finding love?
“Aahhh love, I actually believe that love is not something you find, it is something that finds you. As long as you are searching for it, you are pretending to be who you think others want. You are not being the real you, and so how can anyone fall in love with who you really are?”

But Ross, isn’t that exactly what you are doing? Trying too hard to find love?
“Me? I’m a hopeless romantic! I love the dates, the dancing, eating out and drinking fine wine. I love the wooing of a beautiful mouse, to see her blush and smile because of the flowers I give her. I love to serenade and take moonlit walks in the park. This is who I am! But sadly the romance does not last forever…”

I would say Ross, that you are in love with a feeling, not with a mouse.
“Perhaps you are right. Perhaps I am just not ready yet… I am young and rather handsome (if I do say so myself) Maybe I just need more time to know myself before I can find true love?”

That sounds very wise Ross. I hope you do not break too many hearts along the way!


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