Interview with a Mouse: Vincent Van Gogh Mouse

Interview with a Mouse: Vincent Van Gogh Mouse

This month’s Interview is with little Vincent Van Gogh Mouse. This famous painter mouse is known for his amazingly striking paintings as much as he is known for his bandaged ear which he cut a piece off in a fit of mental instability.

Welcome Vincent! I am very excited to speak to you!
“Really? Well that nice to know. Most mice are a little scared of me I think, with my crazy ginger beard and my bandaged ear. Not to mention my weird paintings!”

I think your paintings are beautiful Vincent. They are full of life!
“Thank you so much. I try so hard to capture more than just what I see in nature but also the raw energy of life running through everything. It’s nice to meet someone who can see that too. Sometimes I think I am going mad you know, that I see things others don’t see. I got too angry with myself I did something rather silly and now my poor ear suffers for it.”

I’m sure it will heal up in time Vincent. It’s a New Year and time for a fresh start. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?
“Yes! I resolved to remember that gazing at a blade of grass, a pine-tree branch or an ear of wheat calms me, and to do this when my troubles feel too big. Hopefully that will save my other ear from the same fate!”

Thank you so much for chatting to us today Vincent! We hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful 2013.


Happy New Year from The House of Mouse!

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