Interview with a Mouse: Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice

Interview with a Mouse: Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice

This month’s Interview with a mouse is with Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice. These two little love birds (or should that be love mice?) have just got time to chat with me before they dash off for their honeymoon…

Hello Mr and Mrs Mouse! Congratulations on your big day!
Mrs Mouse: “Thank you so much. It was such a beautiful day 🙂 We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect wedding.”

It was a beautiful service, you looked very nervous Mr Mouse… are you feeling better now?
Mr Mouse: “Oh, yes. Much better now! My best man Cody kept telling me that she’d changed her mind and wasn’t coming. I knew he was just joking around with me, but it didn’t help my nerves!”

How did you two meet?
Mr and Mrs Mouse smile at each other.
Mrs Mouse: “We met in a little underground cellar club in a small village near where my parents live. The things that led us to meet where so random, we where both there for the first time and neither of us would have gone back had we not met. The club was horrible, not my taste at all! But when he sat down next to me and just wouldn’t stop smiling, I knew it was destiny!”

So you’re off on your honeymoon soon. I imagine you could do with a holiday after all that planning. Where are you going?
Mrs Mouse: “We are off to Switzerland! All that lovely cheese! I can’t wait. I just want to put my feet up, drink fine wine and nibble on some cheese for a couple of weeks. I’ve been dieting so I can fit into this dress… it will be lovely to have a proper relax! In fact we are going to be late for our flight if we don’t scamper off now.”

Ok! Congratulations again and wishing you lots of happiness together!


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