Everyone deserves to have more in their life to smile about.

My mice are experts at creating smiles.

I am Anna, the artist behind these joyful artisan felt mice.


As a child I struggled with reading and writing.

After years of being treated as “educationally sub-normal” by my teachers, I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia.

A condition that meant my brain is far from stupid, it simply has a different way of learning.

Dyslexia also gave me a huge gift.

Like blindness results in extraordinary hearing, it gifted me with an intense passion and talent for creativity.

Though I struggled to learn in a conventional school setting, I excelled at all things creative.

Throughout my life creativity has been my source of joy.

Joy is my refuge from the struggles of life.

I joined every craft class I could find outside of school – I studied drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing and textiles.

I built up a confidence that I could learn any technique I put my mind to.

Soon I had added photography, graphic design and sculpture to my skills at art school.

I was in my element learning new techniques and trying out different materials.

I use many of these skills, combined with loving attention to the tiniest details to bring these beautifully intricate, utterly adorable felt mice to life, so they can light up your day in an instant.

The House of Mouse Anna

All through my life the creation of art for joy has been my anchor to what I am most passionate about.

Making my mice for others means they take that happiness wherever they go.

The mice come alive as joyful reminders of the moments, people, characters, achievements and milestones in your life.

In their new home the mice peek out at you from bookshelves and windowsills, from beside computers and atop mantelpieces…

They are anchors and reminders of what matters most – your joy!

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