Artist Mouse Ornament

Little Heather is an Artist Mouse!! She loves to paint all things that she finds beautiful, especially cheese and baby mice. When she is feeling very brave she even likes to paint cats! She comes with her own little pallet

Interview with a Mouse: Vincent Van Gogh Mouse

This month’s Interview is with little Vincent Van Gogh Mouse. This famous painter mouse is known for his amazingly striking paintings as much as he is known for his bandaged ear which he cut a piece off in a fit

Artist Mouse Ornament

Alfonso Mouse is an artist! He loves to splatter his canvas with paint. Sometimes he get so excited he forgets to use a brush and uses his tail and whiskers instead! He wears a beret and holds his own little

Interview with a Mouse: Alfonso the Artist Mouse

My very first Interview with a Mouse features a very special Mouse: Alfonso the Artist Mouse was the first Mouse ever sold at The House of Mouse! He's a bit of a veteran, really, so I hope you enjoy meeting