Game of Thrones Inspired Jon Snow Mouse

Game of Thrones inspired Jon Snow Mouse is brave and wise for his years, he knows there is much beyond the wall to fear... I'm so pleased with how this little mouse turned out! I hand sculpted his sword from

Custom Mouse Tails: Deflated Mouse

I love it when I get a custom order request for a mouse that represents something really special for a family. Sometimes the requests are strange, but the stories behind them are wonderful! This little mouse was made from a

Lacey the Artisan Crochet Mouse ornament updated design

When I first made Lacey the Crochet Mouse I didn't know how to crochet, so I made her blanket out of a piece of felt that I embroidered. Over last summer I learned to crochet for real, so of course

Doctor Who Mouse Collection

They are here at last!! The Complete Doctor Who Mouse Collection! I had SO much fun making them. Even the existing designs have been improved on as I developed some new techniques. Lets look at the Doctor's in order shall

The Mouse Hole – Where it all began

My Granny was a mouse maker. After the war she and my Grandfather “Crispy” moved to the beautiful seaside village of Mousehole in Cornwall, England. They bought a cosy tourist craft shop on the seafront called The Mouse Hole. They

Star Trek Sulu Mouse

Star Trek Sulu Mouse is a master helmsman aboard the Starship Enterprise, navigating the ship where no man has gone before! This adorable little mouse comes with his own communicator. I wonder what George Takei would think of him? Each

Etsy SEO Tips Part 2 – Where to put SEO Keywords in your Etsy Shop

Now that you have created your SEO Keyword List in Part 1, it's time to start placing SEO keywords into your Etsy shop. Etsy Search and Google Search differ slightly in which parts of a shop/page/listing they look at to

Etsy SEO Tips Part 1 – How to create an Etsy SEO keyword list

The art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for an Etsy seller is a complex one. So let's start at the beginning and explain a bit about SEO means, in the context of your Etsy Store. This post is Part 1

Game of Thrones Ornaments – Dany and Drogo Mice

These Game of Thrones inspired Dany and Drogo mice may not have known one another on their wedding day, but they soon come to love each other deeply. Khal Drogo mouse is a fearsome warlord warrior of the Dothraki, Daenerys

Cinderella Mouse

Cinderella mouse has been scrubbing floors and making meals for her ugly mouse sisters when one day her fairy godmouse comes to send her to the ball. All dressed up in her beautiful blue gown she'll enchant the prince and