James Wilson Mouse (House MD)

Little Wilson Mouse is House MD Mouse's best friend. Supporting him and giving him interesting cases to work on. Wilson Mouse is kinder than he should be and often ends up suffering for it, but his friendship with House is

Custom Rory Williams Mouse

This is a custom Rory Williams Mouse (character from BBC's Doctor Who) He was commissioned by one of my lovely customers This ornament is hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads and various other materials. It is stuffed with polyfil

Doctor Who Mouse Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who Mouse Christopher Eccleston This dark, brooding and vengeful, this regeneration of the doctor only survived for one season. He justifies his northern accent even though he's an alien with "lots of planets have a north". In his trademark

Mixed Race Wedding Cake Topper Mice

This beautiful pair of Mixed Race Wedding Cake Topper mice are perfect for on top of your wedding cake! They also make unique and extremely cute gift for the happy couple, a perfect reminder of a day they will remember

Zombie Wedding Cake Topper Mice

Zombie Wedding Cake Topper Mice Creepy Cute Mr and Mrs Zombie mouse promise to love in sickness until Undead they do part. With silver lifeless eyes, nibbled ears and blood stained wedding clothes, these two mice are not to everyone's

Blaze the firefighter mouse

Blaze is a brave firefighter mouse, trained to protect mice from fire, rescue babys from burning buildings and even rescue the local cat from the highest branch of a tree (although if he is honest he would rather be in

Star Trek Original Series Mice

The crew of the Star Trek Original Series Starship Enterprise are ready to explore strange new worlds with you! These adorable little mice would look perfect on any Trekkies bookshelf. This collection includes James T Kirk Mouse, Spock Mouse, Bones

Grim Reaper Mouse

Mort is a Grim Reaper. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. He keeps himself cheerful through the unpleasant work of dragging lonely souls off to their eternal resting places by constantly humming popular tunes. This week

I Dig You Valentines Moles

Little Sugar and Digby the Valentines moles want to pass on a message for you, they're the perfect messengers to tell that someone special in your life that you dig them. They'll look adorable peeking out from a bookshelf whispering