Devil Mouse Ornament

Little Devlin the Devil Mouse is here to tempt you with pleasures and take your soul for his own! He comes with his own little trident and little black horns. Who can resist his evil charms when he looks so

Venom Mouse Ornament

Venom Mouse is arguably the most notorious of Spider-Mouse's arch-enemies. From his deathly black costume to his sparkling white teeth and super-long tongue, Venom Mouse truly is a fearsome creature. You wouldn't want a friendly lick from this little guy,

Ghost Mouse Ornament

What's that icy breeze on the back of your neck? Don't panic! It's only little Alastor the Ghost Mouse come looking for a place to haunt. Each ornament is hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads and various other materials

Jack Skellington Mouse

Jack Skellington Mouse (or should that be Skellingmouse?) wants to become king of Christmas, but he can't quite get things right. This little mouse is a tribute to the great Tim Burton Character Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King. This ornament

Interview with a Mouse: Mort the Mouse of Death

This month’s Interview with a Mouse is with the much feared Mort, the Mouse of Death. Mort glides into the room looking positively spooky, his hollow black eyes look deep into my soul and I feel a cold shiver down

Interview with a Mouse: Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse

Little Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse has chosen to go trick-or-treating dressed as a pumpkin this Halloween! All of his friends have stocked up on silly string and smelly cheese just in case anyone in their neighbourhood chooses the "trick" option,

Grim Reaper Mouse

Mort is a Grim Reaper. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. He keeps himself cheerful through the unpleasant work of dragging lonely souls off to their eternal resting places by constantly humming popular tunes. This week

Esmerelda Maggotmincer the witch hedgehog

Esmerelda Maggotmincer the witch hedgehog was once human, but something went wrong with a spell and it turned her into a hedgehog! But don't let her cuteness fool you. With her wild black spines, olive green skin and 2 dark

Interview with a Mouse: Gwendolyn the Witch Mouse

This month I will be interviewing Gwendolyn the Witch Mouse. She was first sold from The House of Mouse in September 2009, in plenty of time to join her first adoptive family by Halloween of that year. She has been