Interview with a Mouse: Vladimir the Vampire Mouse

This month’s interview with a mouse is with Vladimir the Vampire Mouse and it is with some trepidation that I sit myself down at the fireplace in his ancient castle. The warmth from the flames dancing in the hearth calm

Interview with a Mouse: Buddy the Gardener Mouse

This month’s interview with a mouse is with Buddy the Gardener Mouse. I find him in sitting on an old wooden garden chair admiring his beautiful garden. Hi Buddy! Thank you so much for talking to us today. "Tha's alrigh'

Sherlock and Watson Mice BBC versions

This pair of mice are based on Sherlock and Watson from the BBC drama Sherlock. Sherlock mouse has curly black hair, and wears his trademark coat with the collar turned up and his grey scarf. Watson Mouse has dark blond

Interview with a Mouse: Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice

This month’s Interview with a mouse is with Mr and Mrs Mouse the Wedding Mice. These two little love birds (or should that be love mice?) have just got time to chat with me before they dash off for their

Interview with a Mouse: Naomi and Vincent the Mom and Baby mouse

This month’s Interview is with a little mom and baby mouse. Naomi and Vincent mice were named after my sister in law and her baby boy around the time he was born. Welcome little Naomi and tiny Vincent! It is

Interview with a Mouse: Mort the Mouse of Death

This month’s Interview with a Mouse is with the much feared Mort, the Mouse of Death. Mort glides into the room looking positively spooky, his hollow black eyes look deep into my soul and I feel a cold shiver down

Interview with a Mouse: Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse

Little Gourdon the Pumpkin Mouse has chosen to go trick-or-treating dressed as a pumpkin this Halloween! All of his friends have stocked up on silly string and smelly cheese just in case anyone in their neighbourhood chooses the "trick" option,

Interview with a Mouse: Flower the Hippy Mouse

This months Interview with a Mouse is with our very own Flower the Hippy Mouse. Little Flower the hippy Mouse believes in peace and harmony and flower power! She loves to spend time outdoors listening to music, meditating and enjoying

Interview with a Mouse: Terry the mouse in a cat suit

This month’s interview is with Terry, the mouse in a cat suit. Hello Terry, we are very pleased to talk with you. Thanks very much, I’m so happy to have been chosen! So Terry, tell us a bit about yourself,

Interview with a Mouse: Ross the Valentine Mouse

As it is February, I thought I would set a date with Eros the Valentine Mouse (Ross to his friends). Ross is a romantic mouse in his best suit, with red bowtie and tiny gold cufflinks. Welcome Ross! It is