Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Mouse

All little Scarecrow mouse wants is a brain so he can think big thoughts. Now he's off down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy Mouse to see the Wizard of Oz and ask for a brain. This ornament was hand

Nativity Set 3 Kings Mice

This adorable set of nativity mice are part of our new Nativity collection! The three wise mice have travelled far and wide following a star to the place of baby Jesus birth. This ornament was hand sewn using felt, silks,

Yeti Abominable Snowman mouse

Little Abominable Snowmouse the yeti has spent so much time out in the cold that his little nose has gone blue! It's a lonely life being a Yeti, when other people see him then tend to run away screaming. The

Nativity Mice Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus Mouse

This adorable set of nativity mice are the first in our new Nativity collection, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus Mouse in a manger. This ornament was hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads and various other materials. It is stuffed

Tennis Player Mice

Many believe that Stilton Hewitt is past the peak of his tennis career, but he will never give up! His dream is to win Wimbledon again, and he won't stop fighting until he achieves it. He is as speedy on

Belle Mouse Beauty and the Beast

Bold and stubborn, Belle is the most beautiful mouse in her village. Imprisoned by the Beast, who had fallen deeply in love with her, she is now surrounded by enchanted furniture and locked doors. This beautiful little mouse is a

Albert Einstein Mouse

Albert Einstein Mouse is a mousy genius. He is most famous for discovering the formula E = MC2, (The Energy a mouse has is equal to the Mouthfuls of Cheese he can eat, squared) which quickly revolutionized the old thinking

Shaun the Mouse dressed as a nativity Sheep

Shaun the Mouse dressed as a nativity Sheep is very excited to be in the School Nativity play this year. He never takes his sheep costume off and spends most of his days wandering around bleating, (He did try eating

Sonic the Computer Nerd Hedgie

When this little hedgehog's parents called him Sonic, he thought it was a horrible cruel joke. Nowadays though he's invited to all the prestigious gaming events around the world and has become one with his geeky alter-ego. This ornament was

Artist Mouse Ornament

Alfonso Mouse is an artist! He loves to splatter his canvas with paint. Sometimes he get so excited he forgets to use a brush and uses his tail and whiskers instead! He wears a beret and holds his own little